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Multiplayer Game Jam - Hosted by @GlobalGameJam @itch.io and Photon Networking.

JOIN US FRIDAY ON GGJ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/gg
PlayTesting 11/11/2022, 7-10am EST / 1-4pm GMT

Built mostly in 1 weekend, utilizes BR200 Sample + Unity Multiplay and Matchmaker.

What I did:

- Character Controller redesign for frog.
- De-networked character anims. Are now just based off current speed of local copy.
- - Imported and modified a BR200 BattleRoyal game mode map level to handle a custom map asset.
- programmed "attack move" logic and "stunned by attack" logic, networked using RPCs
- networking logic to funnel all players into a single server regardless of region (for playtesting purposes only)
- Disconnecting breakable light lamps game logic, networked using RPCs
- Unity Matchmaker and Multiplay integration for international servers support (disabled for playtesting)

What I did not do:
City asset Frog asset Music n SFX BR200


FrogBR_Release.zip 491 MB
HowToPlay.pdf 285 kB

Install instructions

Windows Executable. Unzip then run .exe :)

PDF on How To Play included

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